Treadspec Drive

It has never been so easy to perform a diagnostic of your tyres and alignment.

Unbeatable efficiency

TreadSpec is the only solution which does not require human intervention, for a fully automated and objective diagnostic of tread wear condition and alignment diagnostic simultaneously.

Your customers pass over the TreadSpec Service Drive in the service reception area and the report on tread wear, braking distance, tyre rotation and alignment diagnostic is generated immediately.

The all-in-one diagnostic

TreadSpec analyses the need to change tyres, performs an alignment diagnostic, and recommends a tire rotation if necessary in a few seconds with one scan of all four tyres.

TreadSpec Service Drive integrates with the customer reception process seamlessly

The power of technology is at the service of your sales team

Without stopping, the customer passes over the equipment and the TreadSpec software does the rest. The license plate is captured automatically by our optical character recognition software and integrated into the report. This allows you to follow the tread wear history of each vehicle you scan.

TreadSpec can be integrated with your DMS, CRM or ERP software for optimal efficiency. Following the wear of the tyre throughout its entire life cycle allows you to anticipate future customer needs.


TreadTracker Report is created using our cloud based software.

This report clearly educates the customer on the condition of their tyres and helps create a relationship built on trust. The report includes :

  • Registration plate number
  • A quick diagnostic of tread wear, alignment, suspension, wheel balance and tyre rotation
  • Our software evaluates the condition of each tyre and gives a corresponding recommendation of action that needs to be taken
  • The software also analyses the relative braking distance of the actual tyres on the car compared to a new set of tyres
  • We use a simple traffic light system of red, yellow and green for the tread wear condition

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