The Groove Glove in action

3 steps for a measurement made in less than 1 minute.

Take a photo of the registration plate with our integrated camera. No seperate cell phone or tablet needed !

Scan the tyre from shoulder to shoulder to get a complete image of the profile of the tyre.

Print and visualize the report : a few seconds are sufficient in order for the complete report to be made available.

The future of digitalization of tire measurement starts here !

It is the first product of its generation to use laser technology in order to read the profile of a tyre in a handheld device. The Groove Glove performs an alignment diagnostic and a tread wear diagnostic based on the analysis of the profile of the tyre. Our proprietary software creates a report which objectively describes the condition of the tyres and the necessary actions that need to be taken.

This allows the user to systematically analyze each vehicle in order to create more opportunities for the sale of tyres and alignments.


The Groove Glove is a handheld device. Our firmware guides the user as to how to place the Groove Glove on the tyre in order to perform a quality scan.

We have a visual indicator embedded into our Groove Glove which indicates if the lasers are beyond the inside edge of the tyre to start the scan. When the two buttons are pressed, the lasers are activated and the user slides the Groove Glove from the inside edge to the outside edge of the tyre. Once the Glove reaches the outside edge a quick report with the tread depth is shown on our embedded color touch screen.


TOUCH SCREEN is used to navigate between functions. Before starting the scan of the tyres, the user can select the tyre which needs to be scanned. The user can choose a 4 wheel or 6 wheel car/van. The touch screen is also used to enter valuable customer information. No seperate tablet or phone is needed ! The touch screen is integrated into the Groove Glove


Our embedded camera allows the user to capture the registration plate of the vehicle. Our optical character recognition software integrates the registration plate number directly into the report. No need for manual entry. No seperate tablet or phone is needed in order to take the picture. The picture of the vehicle is integrated into the customer report so that there is no doubt as to whose tyres have been analyzed.


The Groove Glove has it’s own inertial pack which makes sure no tyre is badly read. If there is an error in movement during the scan, we will detect this and request a re-scan.


Our cloud based software receives the data transmitted by the Groove Glove which is connected to the internet and produces an easy to understand report.

The report is the most important element to our solution. This is what enables the garage to educate the customer and build a relationship out of trust and transparency. The report includes :

  • Registration plate number
  • A summary of the recommendations : tyre replacement, alignment, tyre rotation
  • A commentary is made for each tyre with more than 120 condition codes
  • The impact of the tread wear on braking distance
  • A “traffic light” color code based on the tread wear for each tyre

T-SCAN won the silver prize at Equip Auto for Automobile Innovation in 2015 in the connected tools category


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